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Simple rules to follow when buying the first bong


Are you planning to purchase your first bong? When it comes to buying anything important, knowledge is power. If you want to purchase a smoking device which will offer several years of pleasure, then you need to be a bit picky. Cheap bongs are readily available on the market. This guide should help you choose the right bong for you.


glass bong 6taThe fact that a given car is awesome, does not mean it is also awesome for you. This is the same case with bongs. Where are you going to use it? Will you travel with it, or you will use it at home? Should it have a dedicated place in your home? How frequent will you use it? Durability, portability, size, and concealment are important factors you need to consider. You should not buy an expensive bong if you live with people who are likely to steal it from you. Before you purchase it, know where it will be placed. If you have an open and dedicated place for it, that is great. If it should be discreet, then avoiding purchasing a huge one as it will be difficult to hide each time.


Are you after simplicity or you are ready to maintain and clean this delicate thing of smoking? Your skills and knowledge in maintenance of a bong matter a lot. If you are planning to treat your bong rough, avoid buying a dainty device.


There are several types of bongs which are out there. You can find simple one and those that are loaded with a lot of extras. If you are buying a multi-purpose bong, then ensure that the pieces you purchase do fit together. Also, know proper tools that you need to use with. Therefore, you should start with a bong you can easily handle when it comes to cleaning and use.


The type of smoking experience you need does matter. Do you want hard and hot, or smooth and cool? Will you be smoking concentrates and herbs? It is advisable to smoke with your peers to know how a bong is used and also know your preference. This will help you know the features and size of the right bong for bong 567y


Glass bongs are great. This is because they look elaborate, exciting, and clean. However, glass is not the only way to go. When buying a new piece for travel, you can choose either metal or plastic.…