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Falcon UAV TM is a small unmanned aircraft designed to provide live aerial reconnaisance and airborne sensor capabilities to those who require a military grade system at a fraction of the cost. Capable of providing over an hour of endurance, day or night, the system provides public safety communites, research organizations, academia, and industry a professional hand launched UAV solution at an affordable price.

The vehicle is highly modular and customizable to meet individual customers needs. The modular design allows for man portable operations from a ruggedized rifle case or back pack. From the stored configuration the Falcon can be be assembled and ready to launch in less than five minutes. The modular payload supports gimbaled EO (daytime) and/or thermal IR camera (day/night) solutions and uses an open payload interface allowing for custom or third party payloads to be integrated. Avionics may be customized with commercial or Open Source autopilot options as well as various transmitter and frequency options.

The UAV may be hand or bungee launched and once airborne is capable of autonomous GPS waypoint navigation or a stabilized joystick control. Recovery of the vehicle is simple with an autonomous belly landing or a parachute recovery at a user defined GPS location.

The Falcon is the fixed wing UAV solution for the Mesa County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) and has received an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) for public safety flight operations covering all 3300 square miles of the MCSO jurisdiction.

Are you a local, state, or federal public safety agency interested in the Falcon? Falcon UAV will work with you to submit the necessary online application package to receive an FAA Certificate of Authorization. Better yet we will do it at zero cost to your agency. Please contact Falcon UAV at for more information.

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