Falcon UAV is a small unmanned aircraft system which provides an affordable aerial reconnaisance at a fraction of the cost of manned aviation and military UAVs.  Falcon UAV is a man portable or vehicle portable system which may be transportorted by backpack or ruggedized case.  The Falcon UAV modular design allows easy assembly and disassembly as well as long term logistics support.  Falcon UAV is a professionally engineered system and constructed of aircraft grade composites and hardware.  Falcon UAV is an FAA approved system is the fixed wing aircraft solution for the Mesa County Sherriff's Office (Colorado).


  • Payload              Gimbaled EO/IR Video, 24.1 MP NEX7 Mapping Payload, 12.1MP SX260 Mapping Payload,                                        12.1 MP SX230/SX260 NDVI Mapping Payload                    
  • Video Range       1 - 6 miles (Link / Antenna Dependent)                                                        
  • Endurance          60-90 minutes                                                                                                                      
  • Speed                25 - 55 mph (22 - 49 knots)                                                                                         
  • Altitude              300 - 1500 ft Above Ground Level (AGL)                                                                      
  • Wing Span           96 inches                                                                                                                     
  • Length                50 inches                                                                                                                 
  • Weight                9.0 lbs  + Payload (2-3 lbs)                                                                              
  • Launch                Hand or Bungee Launch                                                                                          
  • Navigation           GPS Waypoints / Stabilized Joystick (No RC Controller Used)              
  • Recovery             Parachute Primary, Belly Landing Secondary


The Falcon UAV is constructed of aircraft grade composite materials and aluminum structure.  The three piece wing structure and V-tail sections are comprised of a fiberglass skin over a lightweight core.  Supporting rib ends align integrated spar tubing for easy wing section mating during assembly.  The fuselage tube sections are fabricated from a high strength aluminum alloy while the avionics section, camera payload, parachute payload and wing mating brackets are fabricated from carbon fiber composites.  Falcon UAV uses the highest quality electronic components, wiring, and connectors which are assembled and soldered in accordance with standard engineering practices. 


The modular design allows for the Falcon UAV to be assembled and disassembled in just minutes.  A disassembled Falcon may be transported by back pack or ruggedized rifle case which may be hand carried, checked as luggage, or placed in a vehicle/cruiser until needed.  The modular design also supports interoperable components, easy logistics support, and reduces long term support costs. 


The Falcon UAV was designed and developed by a professional staff with aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering backgrounds as well as years of military UAV experience in design, development, and flight testing.  


The Falcon UAV has received an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) in conjunction with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) for flight operations covering all 3300 square miles of the MCSO jurisdiction.  This FAA flight approval is a significant milestone for operations within the National Air Space (NAS). 

Please contact Falcon UAV at info@falcon-uav.com for more information.